22.02.2020 , this was such a beautiful and memorable day for us and our lovely Hong Kong couple. This is our last wedding day in the beginning of 2020 before the Coronavirus pandemic. We have provided wedding photography, wedding videography and bridal hair makeup services. Within a month, the world stood still and went into lockdown.

We are waiting the world to be healed and waiting all these cheerful celebrations for marriages to come in the near future. Slowly, our 2021 booking is filling up with postponed weddings and new bookings for engagements and weddings. We can’t wait to witness and capture all these love stories.

Throwback to this wedding story. At that time, the virus spread in China but there was not widespread in Europe yet, however, this has already brought chaos to events and weddings in Europe, especially if there were guests coming from overseas. For safety reasons, the groom’s side family in Hong Kong, China decided not to come to the UK for this couple’s wedding. The groom then put a lot of soft toys on the groom’s side family chairs in the church (Wycliffe Baptist Church in Reading). We can see hand sanitiser everywhere, but there was no physical distancing measure yet and no one was wearing face mask.

In this wedding, we saw a lot of Japanese animation cute characters, like the twin angels, Hello Kitty (it was printed on the dessert bottles) and a lot of different soft toys. It was a sweet day for them although not all guests they invited could come. Their churchmates helped them a lot in decoration, catering and logistic arrangement. In their speeches, they thank church and God gave them such a lovely ‘family’.

Best wishes to this friendly couple and all other couples who are planning big days in this difficult time. Feel free to take a look at their photos, videos on our Facebook page and website.




在這場婚禮中,我們看到了許多日本動畫可愛的角色,例如小天使,Hello Kitty(印在甜點瓶上)和許多不同的毛絨玩具。這對他們來說是甜蜜的一天,儘管並不是他們邀請的所有賓客都可以來。他們的教友在裝飾,飲食和後勤安排方面給了他們很大幫助。他們在演講中感謝教會,上帝給了他們如此可愛的“家庭”。