The Art of Customer Service – Preparation Matters


From the initial job negotiation to receiving the images, the team acted professionally and provided excellent service at a very good price! They worked hard and were on the clients’ side to get the best pictures which are all very happy with! My bridesmaids, family and friends all appreciated their friendly and approachable attitude. We strongly recommend them to anyone for their wedding shots.


‘Every love journey is different. We are dedicated to create memorable & bespoke experiences with our clients.’

STEP 1: Booking
Booking our services is simple. Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you within 48 hours by email. (You can also contact us via Whatsapp/ WeChat/ Signal messages. Please find our numbers below.)
We will book an initial phone call/ Google Meet consultation to find out more about you and your love ones.
If you are happy with us, secure your booking by deposit and let us prepare a plan with mood board for you to review.

STEP 2: Before the shoot
Feel free to let us know if you would like us to prepare clothing and accessories. Please be aware that the clothing could be slightly unfit if you cannot try them on before the shoot day, however, we will style them in the shoot, so they will look fit on you.

We will double confirm the route, scout locations one day before the shoot, and check the weather forecast. We may need to adjust the route according to the situation. We will update you via calls or messages.

STEP 3: Big Day!
On your shoot day, the hair styling and makeup artist (if you book the service from us) will start 2.5 hours before the shoot. 

Relax, enjoy and have fun in the process!

After the shoot, wait around 10-12 weeks for the reveal session.

STEP 4: Reveal & Celebration
On the reveal day, we will review the result. We will watch the video together and you can pick the photos you want. At the same time, you can order other album books and enlargements.

Thanks for the photos!! Definitely worth flipping through over and over again. They are awesome, super thanks for your beautiful makeup and photos again.

Kennis and Daisy

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Destination Pre-Wedding & Wedding Photography, Cinematography 海外婚紗旅拍,婚禮紀錄
Individual and Family Portraiture 人像,家庭照拍攝
Hair Styling & Makeup 髮型及彩妝

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United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Singapore, Bali

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