We can never predict what will happen tomorrow. Remember last year, most of the wedding professionals looking forward to 2020 which was predicted a better year for the wedding industry. We did get a raise in booking at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 until the news of Coronavirus kicked in.

It has already affected most of our overseas shoots in coming 2 months. A lot of changes being made. Some couples said their number of guests dropped last minute, etc.

It is always a blessing to be able to get married. It could be a test for the couples planning to get married, however, we believe your marriage can overcome lots of difficulties if you can get married in a time like this.

So, what we suggest our couples and all the couples who are planning to get married soon:

1. Double check with the registration office and venues, if they have any policy in place in case of outbreak in their buildings. Has the maximum capacity changed? Is there any arrangement for postponing the wedding date? If they cannot rearrange, any refund will be given?

2. Have you bought wedding insurance or travel insurance? Double check if they cover the loss due to Coronavirus outbreak.

3. Check flights and accommodations if you are due to have destination wedding and/ or honeymoon. Are flights reduced? Is the country you are heading to is one of the country on the highly affected list? Is there any admin fee if you need to cancel or change the dates for the flights and hotels? Once you find it out and make decision whether your wedding is going ahead or not, inform your guests who are supposed to go to your wedding asap. There is a risk the country you are going to will require you to be quarantined for 14 days. There is also another risk that once you go back to your country, you may be required either self-isolation or quarantine.

4. Suggest the guests not to attend your wedding if they are sick. It is hard, but there are lots of ‘invisible’ virus carriers, we never know if any of them could become a risk for the rest of wedding guests. There were cases overseas that the whole family get infected in family gathering. Invite them to watch online streaming (See if your photographer/ videographer can provide this. We are happy to help, feel free to contact us). You can also request videographer to do instant edit, so your guests who cannot attend would not feel they have missed out a lot.

5. Check the policies on the contract you signed with all the vendors. What if one of the crew members is sick? Will you still get the service?

6. Make sure you follow the guidelines the government announced to reduce the risk of getting infected: Wash your hands more frequently. Use hand gel when needed. Avoid touching your face. Use tissue paper when coughing and sneezing. If you are sick, please wear a face mask to avoid affecting the others also protecting yourself from catching other germs when your immune system is low.

We hope you are safe and healthy. Hope our little tips help. We do hope your wedding day run smooth and you will have a happy day with your guests. Keep calm & Get Married!