I cannot promise you a life of sunshine;
I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold;
I cannot promise you an easy pathway
That leads away from change or growing old.
But I can promise all my heart’s devotion;
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that’s ever true and ever growing;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

These I Can Promise by Mark Twain

The couple finally get married today! There were lots of ups and downs during the whole process (and it has not finished yet). Things gave up: the planned details, decorated banquet hall, 150 guests, another 20 mins ceremony, firework, group photos in the venue, door game, traditional ceremony… What they have gained: an intimate wedding, pub food, fun and casual day. We are still waiting for another half day celebration. The couple now looking to book a bigger venue and invite more guests when it is possible.

We first met this British Hong Kong couple 2.5 years ago. The couple started to imagine their big day, and we have brain stormed a lot of ideas since then. Last year September, we had a magical pre-wedding shoot in romantic Bellagio, a town in Lake Como, Italy. This year August, we finally served in their wedding. The beautiful hotel is in the country side of Kent – Buxted Park Hotel in Uckfield, East Sussex, UK. Originally, they have reduced the guest-list from 150 guests to 30 guests. Everyone tried to maintain social distancing. It just felt very different from those held in pre-pandemic days. Because banquet was not allowed in the venue, they have moved it to a local pub for a brief celebration with the guests and relatives who are the dearest to them.

Covid Wedding Ceremony Registration. The Registrars are very careful during this time of period. I remember we all step apart from each other around 2-3m away. There was one thing we could not do: take a shot with the registration book for the ‘pretend’ signing shot. That’s one of the covid measures. They did not want too many people staying too close to it I guess. So instead, we use one of the books on the bookshelf…

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這是我們最有安排的新人之一,但是眾所周知,在冠狀肺炎病毒大流行中我們很難實行計劃。新娘第二次調整結婚日期時在電話中告訴我們: ‘我們只是想完事。快點完婚!’。

2.5年前,我們第一次見到了這對英國香港新人。這對新人開始幻想他們的大日子,交流了很多想法。去年9月,我們在意大利科莫湖浪漫小鎮貝拉焦(Bellagio)進行了一次奇幻的婚紗拍攝。今年八月,我們終於參與了他們的婚禮。這家美麗的酒店 – 布克斯特公園酒店,位於英國東薩塞克斯郡烏克菲爾德的肯特。他們將賓客表從150位賓客減少到30位賓客。每位都試圖保持社會距離。感覺與疫症前的婚禮大不相同。由於不允許在宴會上舉行宴會,他們將宴會轉移到當地的酒吧,與最親的親戚進行簡短的慶祝活動。