I remember the day when I get married, my mother sent me a poem talking about how happy she was when she had me as a baby and saw me growing up and having my own family. In mum’s eyes, I was beautiful and perfect, like an angel. I moved by her poem. Interestingly, my younger sister became a bit jealous and said she wanted one poem from mum too when she got married…

We did this new born shoot with this young family. It wasn’t our first time to photograph them. Last time, we took photos for the 3-year-old birthday and had a day out in Lavender Field. So happy to see they have a new member joining the family! The baby was 10 days old, perfect time to take new born photos.

Other than aesthetics, one of the things we need to consider is working around his sleeping time. We also need to prepare super soft warps to warp around him. Babies’ skin is sensitive! Also, keeping him warm and cosy was important. This young Malaysian mum gave him a kiss and said ‘Son, I love you to the moon and back!’

In Forever Love Journey, we don’t just take photos for pre-weddings and weddings. The reason why we built this brand up is to witness LOVE in different life stage and tell this chaotic ever-changing world, love is not far. Maybe you find it just by looking at the baby falling asleep. And that’s the moment we treasure most. And that’s the vision my husband and I shared when we build this brand up.

A new-born family shoot would be a wonderful gift for the family. Follow us for more love stories.




在Forever Love Journey,我们不只是拍婚纱和为婚礼拍照。我们建立这个品牌的原因是为了见证在不同的人生阶段中的爱,并告诉这个混乱不断变化的世界,爱,并不遥远。也许你只是看着宝宝入睡就能找到它了!这就是我们最珍惜的一刻。这就是我和丈夫在建立这品牌时有的愿景。