Congratulations to this special couple! We have provided 4 hour wedding photography, videography and bridal hair & makeup service for a companionable same sex couple from Hong Kong in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This sweet couple travelled from Hong Kong to the UK for their wedding ceremony in Edinburgh. We are grateful to be in Edinburgh again, to witness their wedding and also experience Scottish culture. It is truly a beautiful country, filled with friendly people. It was a small intimate wedding. We first started our hair and makeup service in the morning around 9am. We first finished the bride’s aunt’s hair and makeup, then move on to the bridal one and then the groom’s one.

After hair and makeup season finished we capture a simple tea ceremony, couple portrait shoot and small family shoot before leaving their Airbnb apartment and walking to City of Edinburgh Council. Their legal civil ceremony lasted 40 minutes. It maybe simple, but full of joy and blessings. We can see the Cathedral right in front of us after stepping out the ceremony location.

The couple tossed the bouquet. We had the shoot in drizzle. After all, it was an early Spring wedding. We got some romantic and affective moments with Edinburgh historical and natural backdrop. We wish them all the best and a happy married life ever-after. We love celebrate love with couples. If we can capture your wedding or elopement, contact us.



這是一場小型的親密式婚禮。我們於早上 9 點左右開始了化妝服務。我們首先完成了新娘Auntie的頭髮和妝容,然後新娘的,然後新郎的。

髮型和化妝結束後,我們拍攝了一個簡單的茶禮、婚紗拍攝和家人拍攝,然後離開他們的 Airbnb 公寓,步行前往愛丁堡市議會。

他們的合法民事儀式持續了 40 分鐘。很簡單,但充滿了快樂和祝福。走出儀式地點,就可以看到眼前的大教堂。她們倆拋出花球。我們在毛毛雨中拍攝。畢竟,這是一場初春婚禮。