Due to limitation for number of guests, a lot of couples have to break their big days into two or a few celebrations. It is common in cultural weddings and for couples’ whose family members based in different countries. We have came across a lot of multi-days weddings, and here are some tips for the grooms and brides who are planning to get married soon, right after lockdown lifted.

由於客人數量的限制,許多夫婦不得不將自己的大日子分為兩天或幾天的慶祝活動。 對於文化婚禮以及家庭成員在不同國家/地區的夫妻來說,這很常見的。 我們經歷了很多數天婚禮。以下是為打算在禁閉解除後馬上結婚的新郎和新娘的一些提示。


As you are going to have different parties, would you consider to have different themes for your wedding celebration to spice things up?Perhaps the guests attend could have different dress code for each party? The decorations and colours could be different as well. 當您準備舉行不同的聚會時,您是否會考慮為婚禮慶典設置不同的主題來為事情增添趣味?也許參加的賓客可以有不同的著裝要求? 每場慶典的裝飾和顏色也可以不同。

On another hand, you may want to recycle the decoration instead, but then you will need to think about stocking and logistics. Think about things that could be easily transport and light weight in this case. 另一方面,您可能想重用裝飾品,但您需要考慮庫存和物流。 考慮一下哪一些東西較容易運輸且較輕的。

Most of your guests would be only coming to the banquet, it is a good idea to play the marriage registration or wedding ceremony video. What we can do is to create a ‘same day effect’ video. To link this first day highlight video with the couple grand entrance to the banquet. To know how we can make it for you, contact us to discuss. 您大多數賓客只會參加宴會,播放結婚登記或婚禮錄影是一個好主意。 我們所能做的就是製作一個“當天效果”錄影。 可將第一天的精彩錄影與新人宴會進場接在一起。 了解我們如何為您創作,請與我們聯繫

Consider to have an outdoor banquet or ‘pop up’ marquee banquet instead of indoor banquet. It is simply because there is a lower chance for your guests to catch the virus when people are gathered outdoor. 考慮使用室外宴會場地或臨時搭棚宴會,而不是室內宴會。 這是因為當人們聚集在戶外時,賓客感染病毒的可能性較低。

There will be guests could not be presented, have your wedding broadcasted would be a good idea. There are many softwares and hardwares allow you to make your virtual wedding comes true. You can use Zoom, Skype, Google meeting, etc. We can help you to provide your guests with a 360 virtual experience. If you are interested, contact us to discuss. A big tip for your guests feel they are a part of the wedding – why not send them the same type of flowers and food the other guests presented would have? You can also request them to dress up when attending the virtual celebration. 將有賓客無法出席,直播您的婚禮將是一個好主意。 有許多軟件和硬件可以讓您實現虛擬婚禮。 您可以使用Zoom,Skype,Google Meeting等。我們可以幫助您未能到場的賓客提供360度的虛擬體驗。 如果您有興趣,請聯繫我們。 給您的一個小點子:何不發送與其他到場賓客一樣的鮮花和食物呢? 您也可以要求他們在參加虛擬慶典時盛裝打扮。

For guests who cannot come, we suggest them to take some portraits of themselves if possible. Then we can print them out (just simple portraits or full body length board cards) as avatars to be presented in the wedding. 對於無法來臨的客人,我們建議他們拍攝自己的肖像。 然後我們可以將它們打印出來(簡單的肖像或大型紙板),作為在婚禮上的化身。

Give us a call or simply email us to discuss any idea you have. We would love to make your dreams come true! 打電話或發電子郵件給我們討論您的想法。 我們希望讓您的夢想成真!