It was one of the hottest and sunniest day in the UK. We have provided wedding photography and videography service to this warm, loving Hong Kong bride and groom in Leeds.

After picking up the bride from her home through the door game, we came to wedding ceremony venue.

It was an outdoor wedding at the bandstand with almost seamless greenery in the background. Sunlight made all the different with the look of the photos and videos. It made them look fresh and bright. We love how these came out refreshing with modern look.

After the wedding ceremony, traditional tea ceremony gave respect elder parents done, we moved into indoor banquet place were we can see the lovely DIY wedding cake and colourful desserts. These delicious delicacies were actually done by the bride’s sister who is opening a pastry shop! In fact, the groom and bride are both from Chinese food industry. Their parents own Chinese take aways for decades. And now, these family businesses are passed to their children – the groom and bride to look after.

Chinese Bride's and Groom's Wedding Photography and Videography Service in Leeds

The banquet is held in Western style. Probably it is because the groom and bride know the standard of their parents regarding Chinese food and also want them to enjoy something different. We were very happy, because we get to taste all the desserts after wedding banquet finished.

Their wedding ceremony and wedding banquet were held at Pavilions of Harrogate, Great Yorkshire. We wish them a happy married life forever. Hope that we can meet them again to take their lovely pregnancy and newborn baby photos in the future.

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Chinese Bride's and Groom's Wedding Photography and Videography Service in Leeds



他們的婚禮和婚宴在約克郡哈羅蓋特的Pavilions舉行。 我們祝愿他們的婚姻生活永遠幸福。希望以後還能和她們再次見面,拍下她們可愛的孕期和新生寶寶的照片。如我們可以幫忙紀錄你的夢幻婚禮,與我們聯絡,我們會盡力協助。