After our destination prewedding and wedding shoots in Paris, Prague, Lucerne, Zurich (Switzerland), Gothenburg (Sweden), Barcelona, and Seville, we returned to our hometown, London, for two lovely Hong Kong couples and their destination prewedding shoots. London is a beautiful city, a fact we may sometimes overlook given that we are based here. We are just as excited to capture photos and video clips in London as we are in all the other European cities.

London is a familiar place for us, and we have a lot of experience shooting here. Like all destination shoots, we recommend that couples start their sessions early to avoid crowds. In general, our days begin as early as 2 am, picking up our couples and bringing them to our studio or traveling to their hotel. Hair styling and makeup services start at 3 am, concluding by 5 am, and the shoots in central London commence around 5:30 am to 6 am.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, the Parliament, and Westminster Abbey are among the most popular locations for our couples. Depending on the couples’ preferences, we may sometimes add other locations to the list, such as Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath, and Greenwich. However, this time, our couples opted for a classical prewedding shoot and stuck with these famous landmark areas. We wish them wonderful married lives forever!

If you would like to have a great team with experience shooting in busy London, contact us, and we can design your dream shoot together!

結束了巴黎、布拉格、盧塞恩、蘇黎世(瑞士)、哥德堡(瑞典)、巴塞隆納和塞維利亞的目的地婚紗照和婚紗拍攝後,我們回到倫敦,為兩對可愛的香港夫婦拍攝’海外’婚紗照。 倫敦是一座美麗的城市,由於我們的家在這裡,我們有時可能會忽略這一點。 與所有歐洲城市一樣,我們很高興能在倫敦拍攝照片和影片。 倫敦對我們來說是一個熟悉的地方,我們在這裡拍攝也有很多經驗。

與所有海外拍攝一樣,我們建議情侶儘早開始拍攝,以避免人群擁擠。 一般來說,我們的一天從凌晨 2 點就開始了,接我們的新人帶他們到我們的工作室或前往他們的酒店。 新娘髮型和化妝服務從凌晨 3 點開始,到凌晨 5 點結束,倫敦市中心的拍攝大約在凌晨 5:30 至凌晨 6 點開始。

聖保羅大教堂、千禧橋、威斯敏斯特橋、大笨鐘、倫敦眼、議會和威斯敏斯特教堂是最受情侶歡迎的地點。 根據情侶的喜好,我們有時可能會在清單中添加其他地點,例如邱園、漢普斯特德希思和格林威治。 然而,這一次,我們的新人們選擇了經典的地標區域拍攝婚紗照。