We have provided pre-wedding photography, videography and bridal hair makeup service for a friendly Sweden born Hong Kong bride-to-be and Sweden born Mainland Chinese groom-to-be in one of the hottest days in the UK.

Our journey has started with this couple for long time ago before Covid 19 pandemic actually . The lovely bride-to-be had contacted with us nearly 4 years ago for getting married in Goteborg, Sweden. The wedding was cancelled because of covid pandemic. Earlier this year, the couple reached out to us for their wedding this year Summer again.

On the pre-wedding soot day, we have started our job very early in the morning at 4:30 to help the bride-to-be for her hair styling and makeup. It is because we want to avoid the extreme heat. That day, the temperature reached 40°. We started feeling the heat after the shoot in Windsor town, Southeast, England and took some photos and film video clips around the castle and some beautiful spots in the town.

After that, we travelled to Mayfield Lavender Farm, Banstead in Surrey. The couple said they love the colour of Lavender. The couple has changed their outfit and we touched up the bride-to-be’s makeup. The Lavender Farm photo and video shoot looked more fun than the romantic Windsor town’s one. Lavender field in Surrey is one of the most popular spots for couples who love countryside. It located between Croydon and Sutton in Greater London. Because of its popularity, the farm has to set up photography permit for protecting the farm.

Lastly, we went to Isabella plantation in Richmond Park, also had a look at The Thames by a terrace garden nearby. The couple has changed into two other outfit here. We were actually a bit tired because of the hot weather but we done our shoots like how we imagined. One of the reasons is the couple was easy to work with. They took instructions quite well. The result looked very good with some refreshing photos and video film around the park. The couple said they particularly love the drone shots.

We are now going to take their wedding photo and video also provide bridal hair and makeup service in River Restaurant On The Pier and Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen in Goteborg, Sweden.

Look forward to serving them with our best work and wish them happy married life.

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實際上,早在 Covid 19 大流行之前,我們與這對新人的旅程已開始了。準新娘約在 4 年前就與我們聯繫有關在瑞典哥德堡的婚禮。由於新冠疫情,他們要取消婚禮。今年春天,這對新人再次聯繫我們他們今年夏天的婚禮。

在婚紗拍攝當天,我們從凌晨 4 點 30 分開始工作,幫助準新娘弄髮型和化妝。這是因為我們要避免極端高溫。那天,氣溫達到了40°。在英格蘭東南部的溫莎鎮拍攝後,我們開始感受到熱力。幸好能在城堡周圍和鎮上的一些美麗景點拍攝了一些照片和錄影片段。



我們現在準備前往瑞典哥德堡的 River Restaurant On The Pier 和 Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen 拍攝他們的婚禮照片和錄影,並提供新娘髮型和化妝服務。