By Tina, lead photographer

Recently, I saw a post popped up on my Facebook feed written by my sister who has lost her husband who suffered from brain cancer last year, “Love, in Time”.


Somehow we all take it for granted about being loved and be able to love someone back. We all know it by theory, but this time, we really felt it. That is what the pandemic has taught us.

我們都將被愛和能夠去愛視為理所當然。 我們都知道理論,但是這次,我們感到了。 這就是病毒教我們的。

My thoughts are with those lovers who are separated in different locations, different cities or even different countries and also those cohabiting couples.


Miss the time travel together, eating out, have date nights, watch movies in cinemas, buy each other gifts, celebrate each other’s birthdays, experience together, laugh, cry, hangover together.


I asked serval people, some of them gutted they just haven’t make the decision to get married sooner when they knew he/ she is the one.


This time, let’s do it ‘in time’. Doesn’t matter if it is a grand wedding or not, because our eyes only focus on our loved ones. By the altar, in front of the witnesses, we vow to love and take care each other till death do us part.

這次,我們要愛得“及時”。 不管是不是盛大的婚禮,我們的目光只集中在對方身上。 在祭壇前與見證人面前,我們發誓要相愛,照顧對方,直到死亡使我們分開。

It is why I kept practicing my photography skills. Each love story is important, is priceless, worthy to be remembered and announced. It is our privilege to witness them and capture all these important moments.

這就是為什麼我一直練習攝影技巧的原因。 每個愛情故事都是重要的,是無價的,值得紀念和宣布。 我們有幸見證他們並捕捉所有這些重要時刻。

Here are some detail shots took during the lockdown.


Why detail shots are important? Normally brides and grooms spend hours on choosing the theme colours, decorations, accessories and clothing, flowers, invitation cards, table plan and so on for their big days based on their characters. In order to ‘feel’ the day relive, we would like to sense the smell, feel the light, the atmosphere, the texture and emotion. All these help us to achieve that. When putting detail shots in the album, it helps to glue different moments together and tell a complete story.

為什麼拍攝細節很重要? 一般,新娘和新郎會根據自己的性格花費大量時間來選擇主題顏色,裝飾品,配飾和衣服,花朵,邀請卡,餐桌佈置等等。 為了讓美好的一天重臨,我們都想感受一下當日的氣味,光線,氣氛,質感和情感。 所有這些都幫助我們實現這目標。 將細節照片放入相冊中時,它有助於將不同的時刻粘合在一起,講述一個完整的故事。

If there are only three things you can capture for the day, what would they be? Do you think details shots are important? Let us know your thoughts.

如果您當天只能拍三件事,那會是什麼? 您認為拍攝細節很重要嗎? 讓我們知道您的想法