There are lots of barn conversions in the UK. Some of them are converted into wedding venues. Here is one of the ‘wedding barn’ venues – Tudor Barn in Eltham, London. A wonderful venue for doing wedding photography and videography.

英國有很多穀倉改造。其中一些被改造成婚禮場地。這裡是“婚禮穀倉”場地之一 – 倫敦埃爾瑟姆的都鐸穀倉。進行婚禮攝影和錄像的絕佳場所。

We are lucky to capture this couple’s wedding photographs and wedding video in this historical gem.


This excited, energetic Hong Kong groom and a quiet, shy Macao bride seemed to have opposite personalities, but aren’t we all attracted by the opposite? On a beautiful day in June, we witness their wedding held in Eltham, South East London, England.


We provided them wedding photography and videography services with their family and friends. It was an intimate wedding since we were still under lockdown restrictions, but we felt extra warmth not just because of the heat from the sun, also from the passion of the guests. We have just spent 3 hours with them, but it seems we have learnt their whole love story within these 3 hours.


We love to photograph the bride because her dress is one of the kind. The bride has chosen a modern 50’s simply white dress and she completed the look with a vintage lace hat. She just looked like an actress who came from an old Hollywood film. Her bob haircut was very suitable for her too. This look is suitable for this simply intimate wedding.

我們喜歡拍新娘,因為她的裙子很是特別。新娘選擇了現代 50 年代的簡單白色連衣裙,並用複古蕾絲帽子完成了造型。她只是看起來像一位來自老好萊塢電影的女演員。她的髮型也很適合她。這造型很適合這場簡單親密的婚禮。

The registration was held in Tudor Barn, Eltham. After the civil ceremony, they had a wedding blessing in a church nearby – St Barnabas Eltham. After the church blessing ceremony, the groom’s father has put out a feast with all his favourite dishes. The groom’s father is a Chinese chef! The food was provided to their guests and we were lucky to try them. Just tasted heavenly! What a wedding banquet!

註冊在埃爾瑟姆的Tudor Barn舉行。民事儀式結束後,他們在附近的教堂——St Barnabas Eltham 舉行了婚禮祝福。教堂的祝福儀式結束後,新郎的父親用他最喜歡的菜餚擺出了一場盛宴。新郎的爸爸是中國廚師!他以食物帶給賓的客滿足,我們也很幸運能嘗試一下。的確很不錯!

Feel free to check their photos, highlight and feature videos on our website, and keep an eye on our Facebook page! We wish them a very happy married life.

隨時在我們的網站上查看他們的照片和錄像,並密切關注我們的 Facebook 頁面!我們祝愿他們的婚姻生活幸福。

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