Looking for the perfect jewellery pieces to complement your wedding dress? Read these tips before you hit the shops!

Once you’ve found your dream wedding dress, you can get down to business accessorising. Finding jewellery that complements your gown can be tricky, so this guide will help you find the perfect pieces for your look. From knowing your dress to trying things a little outside the box, these are all the essential tips you need to know.


Here’s how to pick jewellery pieces to complement your wedding dress.

Know your dress

Before heading to any jewellery shops, you’ll need to give your wedding dress a once-over. Take note of its neckline, silhouette, sleeve length and any statement areas so that you know what to highlight with gems and what to steer clear of. For example, if your dress has a dramatic illusion lace neckline, you probably don’t want to pile on the statement chains and pendants. However, if you have a super simple neckline, like a straight, sweetheart or strapless cut, you may want to spruce it up with a bold piece of jewellery or two.

Think about your theme

When choosing your dress you probably thought a lot about your wedding theme – after all, it’s what ties your event together – and you don’t want to drop the ball when selecting your jewellery, either. Gone with a lace tea-length frock for your vintage affair? Think about using family heirlooms or hit the antique shops to find some cool, one of a kind, retro pieces. Or, maybe you’re rocking a flowy hippy-chic gown at your boho wedding? Consider piling on jewels and gems of all shapes and sizes for a cool layered look. Using pieces that complement the theme of your wedding and style of your dress will ensure that all aspects of your big day mesh perfectly.

Consider comfort

Layers upon layers of jewels may look awesome, but you really shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for style on your wedding day. If you try on some truly stunning bangles, but they weigh down your wrist and rub against the sleeve of your wedding dress every time you make a move, you probably want to ditch them in favour of something else. We suggest trying your entire wedding look on and walking around in it for a bit to make sure that everything not only looks great, but feels great, too.

Don’t go overboard on the sparkle

Yes, you want to be glowing on your wedding day, but you don’t want to sparkle so hard that guests find you difficult to look at when the sun hits you. If you’ve opted for a dress covered in crystals or in a trendy, metallic hue, you should try to keep the amount of jewellery you wear to a minimum (maybe some simple studs or a dainty bracelet?). Remember, the aim of the game is to look like a blushing bride, not an Oscar statuette.

Dare to be different

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets may be the most traditional baubles, but they’re not your only wedding jewellery options. If you’re daring to be different with your dress and want to add to the effect or add a little something extra to a more basic wedding dress, try going for a cool body chain or a jewel-encrusted belt.