Brick Lane, London

This is a memorable shoot for us. Really enjoy every moment when we were with this couple.

Remember so clearly the moment receiving HS’s (the bride-to-be) phone call. I was walking in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong because of a business trip. The phone rang and showed an overseas number starting with (+65). At that time, HS was still in Singapore when she was preparing a pre-wedding shoot in London. She was about to move to London for a new job. Like most of the couples, HS said she likes our photos on Facebook and decided to call me to find out more about our package offers. After finding out we are good-match, we communicated and organised the shoot by email. 2 months later, I met HS and her fiance Derek in a cafe in London to discuss the route.

HS’s new home was in Shoreditch, East London. So we have planned to start the shoot from Shoreditch, then move to Brick lane for the casual shots.

We are so grateful for a local cafe was willing to open for us to take the photos inside.

Then we went to Victoria Park in East London for the bridal dress shot. Not a lot of people would choose this location for shoots. The photos came out quite nice!

After I took this shot, I showed the couple what I could see from the view-finder from the camera’s screen. HS said,’I never know I have this kind of soft face.’ HS was working in bank and was quite a tough lady. It has become one of my favourite shots of all time, as this smile shows the feminine energy of a beautiful girl.

Canal in Victoria Park

Before sunset, we went back to help HS and Derek get changed into evening wear. And we have some shots taken in The City of London.

Leadenhall Market

Behind The Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange

HS and Derek had their wedding bank in Singapore. They showed us their wedding photos afterward. We wish they live happily-ever-after!