This is a Gothenburg wedding. We came to this small and beautiful city of Sweden from London, England in the summer. We provide our wedding photography, videography and bridal, bridesmaids & relative hair and makeup service for a lovely bride and groom who grew up in Sweden with Hong Kong, Chinese heritage.

This couple contacted us nearly 4 years ago before Covid19 pandemic and they had to postponed their pre-wedding and wedding until 2022 summer time. We have also provided them pre-wedding photography, videography and hair styling & makeup service in Windsor, Richmond Park also Mayfield Lavender Farm.

It was a full day coverage we have provided on their wedding day, which combined both Western culture and Chinese culture. It was challenging because it was very windy by the pier, where they had their outdoor ceremony. We started our day from 5am. Gothenburg is a harbour city. The wedding venue and hotel just located by the pier. It was refreshing.

Feel free to take a look at their pre-wedding photos and love story video on this blog post.

The hotel is called Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen, in Gothenburg, Sweden. After the hair and makeup process finished, we took their shoots during door games, tea ceremony, and group photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen also mothers & fathers of the bride and groom.

Before the civil ceremony, we went to a charming park in Gothenburg city centre, and took more photos and video clips with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The sun came up at this point, introduced some warmth on their photos.

Their wedding was impressive because of the view overlooking the harbour and Gothenburg bridge. It was meaningful to go back to the place they grew up to have their wedding after they moved to England. Majority of their friends and family are living in Sweden. There were about 200 guests presented in their wedding. The ceremony took place on the pier which belongs to a restaurant, called River Restaurant On The Pier. The couple also gave more tea to elderlies and had a grand banquet there.

When the sun went down, we took a lot of amazing, sweet and romantic couple portraits with video clip. The lighthouse by the pier, the restaurant lightings and those little lamps on the pier helped us to create a nice vintage look for the shoot.

We finished our work with pleasure. It was really enjoyable to look at their photos and videos. Gothenburg is a lovely city. The couple was easy-going and nice, which also made it easier to capture great shots.

We wish them a happy married life ever after. Hope that we will meet them again to take their lovely pregnancy and newborn baby photos in the future.

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這對新人大約在 4 年前, Covid19 大流行前聯繫了我們,因旅遊禁令,他們不得不推遲他們的婚紗攝影和婚禮到2022 年夏季。我們還在溫莎、里士滿公園和梅菲爾德薰衣草農場為他們提供婚紗攝影和錄像、髮型設計和化妝服務。

這是我們在他們婚禮當天提供的一天服務。結合了西方文化和中國文化,這婚禮很有挑戰性。同時也因為碼頭邊風很大,而他們的婚禮是在戶外舉行儀式的。哥德堡是一個港口城市。婚禮場地和酒店就在碼頭旁邊。令人耳目一新。這家酒店名為 Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen,位於瑞典哥德堡。我們從早上 5 點開始服務。髮型和化妝過程完成後,我們拍攝了他們接新娘、茶禮和家庭合照。




他們的婚禮令人印象深刻,因為有美麗的海港和哥德堡大橋。搬到英國後,回到他們長大的地方舉行婚禮是很有意義的。他們的大多數朋友和家人都住在瑞典。大約有 200 位賓客出席了他們的婚禮。儀式在碼頭舉行,該碼頭屬於一家餐廳,名為 River Restaurant On The Pier。新人再次敬茶給家人,並在那裡舉行了盛大的宴會。