We have provided wedding photography service for a lovely Hong Kong bride and groom on their very happy day during the pandemic days in Gunnersbury Park in Acton, West London and Hong Kong City Chinese Restaurant in New Cross, East London.
British Hong Kong Bride's and Groom's Wedding Videography Service in New Cross, East London
Getting Ready for the ceremony

We have met this friendly couple a long time ago, roughly around 3 and half years. Like a lot of our other clients who have postponed their weddings, this couple has also postponded their wedding for a year.

On the day, we went to brides and bridesmaids getting ready location in London Brentford Hotel-Premier Inn for their beautiful bridal getting ready photos. After that, we drove to the fascinating Gunnersbury Park Museum in Acton, West London for their ceremony, confetti, speeches, group and couple portrait photo shoot. Then, we went all the way Eastern side of London, took photos in the banquet held in Hong Kong City restaurant in New Cross.

We wish them a happy married life forever. Hope that we can meet them up to take their lovely pregnancy and newborn baby photos in the future. If you like what you see and want us to help recording your big day, fill up the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.



Some snacks after the shoot in the hot day.


當天,我們前往倫敦Brentford Hotel-Premier Inn為新娘和伴娘妝扮地點 為他們拍下準備照片。之後,我們前往位於西倫敦阿克頓迷人的岡納斯伯里公園博物館,參加他們的婚禮儀式、演詞、團體和新人肖像照片拍攝。然後,我們去到倫敦東邊,在新十字的香港城餐廳舉辦的宴會上拍照留念。



British Hong Kong Bride's and Groom's Wedding Photography Service in New Cross, East London