We have provided wedding photography and videography service to this very friendly and lovely British Hong Kong bride and British groom in Mid-Autumn Festival. The weather turned a bit cooler, but the event was warm with their all families’, relatives’ and guests’ cheerful passions and emotions. It is such an enjoyable day. We travelled to Angel, Islington and Newham, London for their wedding.

This was our another challenging wedding day with total 14 hours coverage. A typical Chinese mix British style wedding with civil ceremony and Chinese banquet, also different parts of celebration like tea ceremony, lion dance, cake cutting and party.

We started early in the morning for bride’s and bridesmaids’ preparation in nHow hotel in Angel with photo and video shoot. This hotel is a hidden gem in central east of the city! We really loved this artistic, quirky hotel. There are lots of fashionable designs, mixing with different lightings, modern with a sense of vintage decor… All these constructed a very nice backdrop for photo shoot. After that, we rushed to Islington Town Hall for the ceremony.

We have been serving in this town hall so many times for wedding photos and videos. We always have to rush if couples book this venue for ceremony. But this time, it was even more rush, as the place is fully booked. Different couples went in every 30-45mins! There ceremony last a maximum 30 mins. That gave us 15 mins to finish the shoot in the Town Hall.

Our another location was The Angelic bar/restaurant where the guests enjoy the drinks reception with delicious canapés and champagne. There are even more guests here, since some of them couldn’t attend the civil ceremony. It was originally planned for the groom and groomsmen to play some door games and challenges, but we had to skip it since it was running late for the schedule.

Our last venue was Yi-Ban Chinese Restaurant on Dockside Road, London. We missed this place so much. This place was closed for the whole Covid restricted period. Since they opened again in June, 2021, many couples from East Asian background, including Chinese, Vietnamese, all rushed to book this restaurant. We have also came here so many times to celebrate and witnessed lots of couples’ their most important day with our cameras.

We done Chinese tea ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, toasting with guest photos and films with our couple and their lovely guests. The process was long, yet enjoyable for the family, all the guests and us. The guests praised the food and all arrangements.

We wish them the very best and a happy married life ever-after. If we can help recording the happiest on your big day, contact us now.


這是我們另一個具有挑戰性的婚禮日,總共有 14 小時的服務。典型的中英混合婚禮,有民間儀式和中式宴會,還有茶禮、舞獅、切蛋糕和跳舞等不同的慶祝活動。


我們已經在這個市政廳服務了很多次婚禮照片和視頻。如果情侶們預訂這個場地舉行儀式,我們總是趕急。但這一次,更匆忙,因為這個地方已經訂滿了。不同的新人的婚禮。每 30-45 分鐘便有新人進去!儀式最多持續30分鐘。這給了我們 15 分鐘的時間在市政廳完成拍攝新人肖像。


我們的最後去的一個地點是倫敦碼頭路的一品中餐廳。我們非常想念這個地方。這個地方在整個 Covid 限制期內都關閉了。自2021年6月再次開業以來,很多東亞傳統背景的新人,包括中國人、越南人,都爭先地預定了這家餐廳。我們也來過這裡很多次,用我們的相機慶祝和見證了許多新人重要的一天。