We have provided an enjoyable pre-wedding photography, videography, and bridal hair-styling and makeup service for a generous, sincere, and friendly Hong Kong couple who is based in Manchester, in Peak District National Park, central England.

Hair Styling and Makeup Trial

We first arrived at our couple’s home around the outskirts of Manchester to provide our pretty bride’s hair styling and makeup trial service in the early morning. The bride-to-be has booked us for her wedding day bridal hair styling and makeup service as well. Why don’t we utilise the time we have with them and provide an engagement shoot? We have tried 2-3 styles and settled on 2 styles for her big day. After that, we changed her look to a more casual style, suitable for an adventure shoot.

Shot Plan

Designing the routes and looks of the photos according to our couples’ personalities is one of our superpowers. We have proposed a few different scenes for them. Most couples opt for shooting in city centre, landmarks or green area in the city. We are glad that this couple chose Peak District, which was only 45mins to 1-hour drive away from their home. We shot on farm trails, rocks, and caves. It was indeed very enjoyable.

“This is actually the place we came for sightseeing before.” The bride-to-be recalled her memory. We finished their shoot with a couple interview. We let the couple tell their own story in the interview. We would also use the end result for their wedding video. So that the couple has a love story video, rather than a documentary of the day only.

In The Near Future

We finished our pre-wedding shoot around sunset time. The sky turned slightly yellow-orange. The warmth from the sun blushed the hills, farms, rivers, and trees, which made a perfect harmonised colour for this lovely couple shoot backdrop. After that we went to a beautiful small classic British village pub for a feast. We are glad to connect with them, learn their dream and furture direction in a personal way.

We are now looking forward to providing them with wedding photography, videography, and bridal hair styling and makeup services in Oulton Hall Hotel, Oulton, Leeds just a couple of months after their this engagement season.

Join Us for Another Adventure

We shot in Lake District before, but it is the first time we shot in Peak District. We cannot wait to explore the area more! If you would like to have the nature witness your love, why not come with us to have a shoot in the beautiful Peak District? Contact us today.



我們一早抵達位於曼徹斯特郊區的新人大屋,為我們漂亮的新娘提供試妝和髮型設計服務。 準新娘也預訂了我們婚禮當天的新娘髮型和化妝服務。 我們為什麼不利用與他們在一起的時間來拍攝婚紗照呢? 我們嘗試了 2-3 種款式,並為她的大喜之日選定了 2 種款式。 之後我們把她的造型改成了更休閒的風格,適合”冒險式拍攝”。


根據我們情侶的個性設計照片和拍攝行程路線是我們的賣點之一。 我們向他們提出了一些不同的場景。 大多數情侶都選擇在市中心、地標或城市綠色地段拍攝。 我們很高興這對新人選擇了距離他們家只有 45 分鐘到 1 小時車程的峰區。 我們在農場小徑、岩石和洞穴中拍攝。 這確實是身心舒泰。

“我們之前已經來遊覽過。” 新娘回憶他們的甜蜜。 我們用一對新人的訪問結束這次拍攝。 我們讓這對新人在採訪中講述他們自己的故事。 我們也會用這影片於他們的婚禮影片中。 這樣這對新人就有了一段愛情故事錄影,而不僅僅是一部紀錄片。


我們在日落時分完成了婚前拍攝。 天空變成了淺橙黃色。 溫暖的陽光照耀著山丘、農場、河流和樹木,為這對可愛的情侶拍攝背景營造出完美和諧的色彩。 之後我們去了一家美麗的經典英國鄉村小酒館享用了一頓盛宴。 我們很高興與他們聯繫,了解他們的夢想和未來的方向。



我們拍攝過湖區,但在峰區拍攝還是第一次。 我們迫不及待地想進一步探索該地區! 如果你想讓大自然見證你的愛情,何不跟我們一起去美麗的山區或湖區拍攝呢? 今天就聯繫我們吧。