We have provided wedding photography, videography and bridal hair styling & mother of the bride makeup and hair styling hair service to a family-oriented British-Hong Kong couple in Liverpool.

This is a wedding with a mixture of Western civil ceremony and modernised Chinese traditions. We have provided nearly 13 hours serivce. Firstly, we started our hair styling and makeup process in the early morning when the bride, her bridesmaids, mother and close family friends stayed in the penthouse of an apartment building.

After that, we started photography and videography service for the door game session. It was fun, but also touching, especially when the groom telling his bride how much he loves her. It was not very easy to capture the door game, as it started in a narrow corridor.

During the door game, all other relatives came to the building to withness the Chinese tea ceremony and celebrate the family. Many of the relatives gave the couple golds and red packet of money as a gesture of good will and prosperity.

The bride then changed into her white wedding attire in the bridal room in Royal Liver Building, where the ceremony took place. It locates near the coast with beauitful view of Liverpool. Such an iconic tall building with big windows, that made us imagine we were in one of the Batman movies.

During ceremony, the groom cried a lot, and his wife also joined to him because of the emotional atmosphere there. We also took very romantic couple shoots at the Royal Liver Building balcony and lobby after their ceremony is done.

Lastly, we went to Chung Ku Liverpool Restaurant to do their banquet photo and video shoot. The bride’s father and brother was in Manchester Lion Dance team. It was the first time we witness the family gave such a beautiful performance for the newlywed. Before the banquet started, the family and professional dancers did the traditional Chinese Lion Dance in different sets of props. The whole process last nearly 1 hour. Chung Ku is a huge Chinese restaurant with 2 floors near the sea. The whole 2 floors were full with around 200 guests. The food was superb. The couple told us this restaurant is the best one around the area with fresh sea food. The guests were so impressed with the banquet.

In between the Lion Dances the beautiful bride has also changed her wedding dress into red Qipao again. We changed her hair style again and helped the change again when she changed into evening dress. It is a traditional for brides and her family to change into multiple gowns. Traditionally, Chinese brides have to wear 5 gowns on her wedding day. It was a symbol of luck.

This couple loves to join couple contest. On their special day, they have prepared a special dance performance as their first dance too. After the banquet, speeches from the two fathers and couple, all the toastes and cheers, also cake cutting, the most exciting part of the night came. The couple has sent us a video of their rehersal before their wedding. They did the dance quite nicely with some romantic and fun actions. We did enjoy watching it again and again during our video editing process.

So the day has finished with the party, and the guests took boxes of take away of the wedding cake pieces and left over from the banquet. It is important not to have food waste, and no one wants to waste these declious food. The bride sent us a message the next day, saying our organisation was very good. We think they did plan very well and paid attention to details. We wish them all the best and a happy married life ever-after.

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這是一場融合了西方儀式和現代中國傳統的婚禮。 我們提供了將近 13 小時的服務。 先由清晨的化妝過程開始。早上的過程都在一頂層公寓舉行。

之後,我們開始為’玩新郎’過程提供攝影和錄像服務。 這很有趣,但也很感人,尤其是當新郎告訴他的新娘他有多愛她時。 捕捉遊戲並不容易,因為它從狹窄的走廊開始。

在’玩新郎’過程,所有其他親戚都來到慶祝,預備即將舉行的中式茶禮。 許多親戚們給了這對新人黃金和紅包,以示祝賀新人的未來。

隨後,新娘在皇家利物大廈的新娘房換上了白色的婚紗,婚禮也在那裡舉行。 它位於海岸附近,可欣賞到利物浦的美麗景色。 如此具有大窗戶的標誌性高樓,讓我們想像我們在其中一部蝙蝠俠電影中。

儀式中,新郎哭很多,他的妻子也因為現場氣氛感動而哭了。 儀式結束後,我們在皇家利物大廈的陽台和大堂拍攝了非常浪漫的婚紗照。

最後,我們去了中橋酒家拍他們的宴會照片和視頻。 新娘的父親和哥哥是曼徹斯特舞獅隊成員。 這是我們第一次看到一家人為新人獻上如此精彩的表演。 宴會開始前,家人和專業舞者用不同的獅子道具表演了中國傳統的舞獅表演。 整個過程持續近1個小時。 中橋酒家是一個大的中餐廳,有 2 層,靠近海邊。 整整2層樓滿了大約200位賓客。 而食物很棒。 這對夫婦告訴我們,這家餐廳是該地區最好的餐廳,提供新鮮的海鮮。 賓客們對宴會印象深刻。

舞獅表演期間,新娘換上了紅旗袍。 我們又換了她的髮型。我們也在她換上晚禮服為她再次改髮型。傳統上,中國新娘在婚禮當天必須穿 5 件禮服。 這是幸運的象徵。

這對情侶喜歡參加情侶(舞蹈)大賽。 在他們這特別的日子,他們也準備了一場特別的舞蹈表演。 酒席過後,兩位父親新人的致辭,大家舉杯歡呼,還有切蛋糕,當晚最精彩的環節來了。 這對新人發我們一段他們在婚禮前排練的短片。 他們跳得很好。 在我們的剪接過程中看他們的舞蹈一次又一次,也不覺厭倦。

第二天新娘給我們發了信息,說我們的組織很好。 我們認為是他們確實計劃得很好並且注重細節。 我們祝愿他們一切順利,婚後生活幸福美滿。

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