We have provided wedding photography, videography and bridal hair & makeup service for a friendly Hong Kong couple in York and Selby, North-East England.

We have been to York and Yorkshire so many times before for our pre-wedding and wedding shoots especially for our Oriental Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysian couples’ ceremonies, its because York is the one of most famous engagement & wedding destination for them.

Wedding Planning

In the beginning of the consultation, the couple required information about having wedding ceremonies in different countries, including Prague, England and Italy. After providing some information about costing and the way they can get their wedding legalised, they decided to sign the civil wedding document in Hong Kong, then head to England, Selby Abbey, Anglican parish church, for the Wedding Blessing Ceremony. Selby Abbey was the church where Jay Chow, a Taiwanese pop singer get married. Many couples we knew follow Jay Chow, a trendsetter, for their own pre-wedding and wedding shoot.

Except communicating with the priest, we helped to source wedding carriage, florist, decoration for their wedding blessing ceremony, as well as performing photography and videography. In the early morning, we travelled to the bed and breakfast of the couple to capture the preparation details – hair styling and makeup, getting dressed, accessories, etc.

The priests in Selby Abbey has came across countless East Asian couples due to the celebrity wedding. They are indeed very patient and easy to work with even though the cultures and expectation are so different.

Post Wedding Couple Portraits

After we finished the church ceremony, we went back to York for a change in hair styling and makeup style and took some lovely couple portraits around the city. Although the weather was rainy, windy and cold, all of us did our best to accomplish the shoot. We have taken all photos and filmed video clips around York City Walls, The Ouse River, York Minster and Museum Gardens.

End up, the couple was very happy with the wedding blessing photos and videos. Combining with the additional wedding portraits captured in York, resulted in a breathtaking visual narrative. York’s timeless beauty was added to the couple’s graceful photos and perfect moments.

We wish them a wonderful married life!

If we can help planning your celebration and capturing the beautiful memory, do not hesitate to contact us today.




在諮詢開始時,這對新人需要了解在不同國家舉行婚禮的資訊,包括布拉格、英格蘭和義大利。 在提供了有關成本和合法化婚禮的信息後,他們決定在香港簽署民事婚禮文件,然後前往英格蘭的塞爾比修道院,一個英格蘭聖公會教堂,進行婚禮祝福儀式。塞爾比修道院是周杰倫在這裡舉行婚禮的地方。我們認識的許多夫妻都追隨周杰倫這位潮流先鋒,進行自己的婚紗和婚禮拍攝。

除了與牧師溝通外,我們還幫助他們收集婚禮車輛,馬車、花藝設計、婚禮祝福儀式的裝飾,以及進行攝影和錄影。 清晨,我們前往這對新人的旅館,捕捉準備細節——髮型、化妝、服裝、飾品等。



完成教堂儀式後,我們回到約克改變了髮型和化妝風格,並在城市裡拍攝了一些婚紗照。 儘管天氣又濕又冷,我們大家都竭盡全力完成了拍攝。 我們拍攝了約克城牆、烏斯河、約克大教堂和博物館花園周圍。

最後,新人對婚禮祝福照片和影片非常滿意。 約克永恆的美麗為這對夫婦的優雅照片和完美時刻增添了色彩。