We recently transformed the historic city of Oxford into the picturesque backdrop for a post-wedding honeymoon adventure. This occasion marked a collaboration with a friendly and calm Malaysian couple, creating timeless memories in the heart of Southeast England.

It is not our first visit to Oxford, but this particular couple has made their shoot interesting with a casual vibe. Their honeymoon shoot seamlessly integrated into our European tour during the busy season, like a breeze.

In the early morning, we embraced the hospitality of a countryside-modern-barn-hotel and began serving our bride with hairstyling and makeup services. The bride originally came from Malaysia. She planned the whole shoot with us. The groom, based in the UK, planned to stay in Birmingham after the wedding. During this period, the bride was preparing all the necessary documents and awaiting the release of the spouse visa from the authorities. Despite the challenges, the groom and bride remained calm and sophisticated. Though their love story may not seem dramatic or particularly interesting, it is what many aspire to have in life – a steady and enduring love. So far, they have not had a single argument. “You know the love is real when you are with the right person at the right time,” the bride told us.

To capture the essence of Oxford, we chose to start our shoot around renowned landmarks such as the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Christ Church, and the Ashmolean Museum in the morning to avoid the crowds. There were challenges for this shoot, related to authorities on the city campus. While we were allowed to take photos in certain places. Obtaining a permit is not always feasible. In this case, we engaged with security to determine which areas allowed photography, and we successfully completed the shoot!

Despite of the challenges, we provided the best service possible to the couple for their honeymoon shoot. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of love and laughter to our couple. Further details of this enchanting love story can be explored on our official website, Facebook, and Vimeo pages. We invite you to partake in the love journey and join us for the next adventure.

我們最近將歷史名城牛津變成了婚後蜜月拍攝的背景。 這次與一對友好而安靜的馬來西亞夫婦的合作,為他們在英格蘭東南部的中心地帶創造了永恆的回憶。 這不是我們第一次在牛津拍攝,但這對特別的夫婦的休閒氛圍讓他們的拍攝變得有趣。 他們的蜜月拍攝就像清風一樣宜人,無縫地融入了我們繁忙的歐洲之旅季節。

清晨,我們接受了鄉村現代穀倉酒店的熱情款待,並開始為我們的新娘提供髮型和化妝服務。 新娘來自馬來西亞。 她和我們一起計劃了整個拍攝。 新郎居於英國,並計劃婚禮後留在伯明罕。 在此期間,新娘正在準備所有必要的文件,並等待當局發放配偶簽證。 儘管面臨挑戰,新郎和新娘仍然保持冷靜和成熟。 儘管他們的愛情故事可能看起來並不引人注目或特別有趣,但這正是許多人在生活中渴望擁有的東西——穩定而持久的愛情。 到目前為止,他們還沒有發生過一次爭執。 新娘告訴我們:「當你在對的時間和對的人在一起時,你就知道愛是真實的。」

為了捕捉牛津的精髓,我們選擇在早上從博德利圖書館、牛津大學自然歷史博物館、基督教堂、阿什莫林博物館等著名地標開始拍攝,以避開人群。 這次拍攝不是沒有挑戰的。城市校園管理人員給我們特別指令停止拍攝。 雖然我們被允許在某些地方拍照,而獲得許可證並不總是可行的。 在這種情況下,我們問管理員確定哪些區域可以拍照,並成功完成了拍攝! 儘管面臨挑戰,我們還是為這對夫婦的蜜月拍攝提供了最好的服務。 我們衷心祝福我們夫妻一生恩愛、笑口常開。 我們邀請您參與愛情之旅,並與我們一起踏上下一次冒險之旅。