So yesterday, we did a social distanced wedding in The Old Marylebone Town Hall with 4 guests and the couple. Originally, this couple would have a whole day celebration, but they have decided to have the celebration on their 1st Anniversary. (Such a sweet idea!) The bride’s side family is in Hong Kong, so unfortunately, due to the 14 days quarantine rule, it became difficult for them to come. And not a lot of groom’s side guests can come too. We did this simple live broadcast for them. No need to set up a bunch of equipment. Only need a phone with strong wifi signal, the small camera and a tripod! We have linked the streaming with facebook. It is very portable, suitable in short ceremony like this, when we only have a short period of time in the venue. Interestingly, Facebook now putting auto caption with the video!

You can feel you are in the place by tilt up and down and pan left and right with your mobile phone. Yes, this is a 360 video, that’s why the image here looks funny, but it would make sense when you see it with the correct display platform.

Should we let all couples affected by coronavirus pandemic to have this live broadcast? Let us know your thoughts!

昨天,我們在老馬里波恩市政廳與4位賓客和一對新人見證一場社交距離式的婚禮。最初,這對新人計劃了一整天的慶祝活動,但他們決定把慶祝活動推到一周年時進行。 (真是個好主意!)新娘的親朋都在香港,因此很遺憾,由於14天的隔離規定,他們很難來到英國參與婚禮。新郎那方的客人也不是很多能來。我們為他們做了這個簡單的直播。無需設置一堆設備。只需要帶有強大wifi信號的手機,小型360鏡頭頭和三腳架!我們已將STEAMING體與Facebook鏈接。設備非常便於攜帶,適用於像這樣的簡短儀式,而我們在會場中只有很短的時間。有趣的是,Facebook現在為視頻添加了自動字幕!