We are not sure today when the vaccine is coming out for us, but it seems there will be relaxation for the lockdown. For some reasons, couples may choose to get married right after the lockdown. Maybe it is because baby is on the way, there is no other date the whole family can gather together or simply do not want to wait any longer because life is unpredictable. There are 3 things we would advise our couples to consider:

“Facial” Accessories “面部防護”配件
We have seen a lot of decorated face masks for grooms and brides. We do not know how you feel about it, as a lot of them are just decorative. Will you wear a face mask on your wedding day? If you are getting married in countries required you to wear face masks in public area, like Germany and Czech Republic, you probably cannot avoid wearing one (or a few) on the day.  我們已經看到很多為新郎和新娘裝飾的口罩。 我們不知道您對此有何看法,因為其中許多只是裝飾性的。 婚禮當天您會戴口罩嗎? 如果要在要求您在公共場所佩戴口罩的國家(例如德國和捷克共和國)結婚,您可能無法避免要佩戴一個(或幾個)。

You may decide not to wear face masks for different reasons, but want some sort of protection? A visor may be helpful. We can imagine this could be used during drinking reception when you mingle with friends and family members and also the people who serve the food and drinks. 您可能出於不同原因決定不戴口罩,但想要某種保護? 面罩可能會有所幫助。 我們可以想像您可以在酒會期間使用它,特別是當您與朋友和家人以及為食物和服務員一起時。

At the same time, you may have to expect vendors wearing face masks, since they may have concern not knowing if any guests and other vendors have the virus which are infectious. For us, just in case, we prepare the face masks which we can wear for long time in order to avoid the need of changing face masks. (And it seems more environmental friendly) 同時,您可能預料供應商戴上口罩,因為他們可能會擔心不知道任何來賓和其他供應商是否感染了這種病毒。 對於我們來說,以防萬一,我們準備了可以長時間佩戴的口罩,以避免需要在服務期間更換。 (而且似乎比較環保)

Risk Assessments 風險評估
Download the App and suggest the guests to do the same (which the local governments recommended the citizens to download). It would help everyone to identify whether it is safe to attend the event or better self-isolate. 下載該應用程序,並建議賓客做同樣的事情(地方政府建議市民下載的應用程序)。 這將有助於每個人決定參加活動還是最好自我隔離。

Live Broadcast 現場直播
Keep an eye on governments’ announcements regarding the number of people for social gathering. Advice the guests cannot come to watch live broadcast instead. Below are the 3 methods we recommend. You can do this yourself, but we are happy to help and handle these for you as well. To make these works, you will need to be sure there is strong signal for wifi at the location(s). 請留意政府有關社交聚會人數上限的公告。 建議不能來觀的賓客看直播。 以下是我們推薦的3種直播方法。 您可以自己執行,但是我們很高興為您提供直播服務。 為了使這些工作正常,您需要確保該舉行婚禮的地點有強的wifi信號。

Simple 360 VR Broadcast 簡單的360 VR直播

Pros 優點
Don’t need a few professionals, your photographer/ videographer would be able to handle it, just give them extra 15mins to set it up, but very easy, just need to pop it onto a tripod and set up the app. 不需要幾個專業人士,您的攝影師/攝錄師就可以設置它,只需給他們額外的15分鐘來進行設置,是非常簡單,只需將其放在三腳架上並設置應用程式即可。

Cons 缺點
See Guests’ Comments on Facebook/ Youtube, can’t see their faces 在Facebook / Youtube上查看賓客的評論,看不到他們的臉
Run out of battery may cause the broadcast stop (still good for ceremony last for an hour) 電池電量用盡可能會導致廣播停止(仍然可以持續一個小時的播放)


Pros 優點
See Guests’ face to face and able to hear them 面對面看到賓客並能聽到他們的聲音
Easy to use and set up 易於設置和使用

Cons 缺點
May need a dedicated person for holding the phone/ laptop if changing angles is needed 如果需要改變角度,可能需要專人改動手機/筆記本電腦
Not free after 40 mins for group meeting more than 3 people 40分鐘後,超過3人的小組會議需付費
Max 100 devices join in the same chat room. If you have a large party, you may need a few accounts and a few devices for the live broadcast. 最多100人加入同一聊天室。 如果您要舉行大型聚會,則可能需要多些帳戶和多些手機/筆記本電腦進行直播。

Ecamm Live

Pros 優點
Instant sharing different graphics, stream videos and links with live picture-in-picture 即時共享不同的圖象,視頻和即時畫中畫鏈接
Support multi-cams 支持多部相機
Able to feed in Zoom 支持Zoom
Live on Youtube and Facebook platforms at the same time 可同時在YouTube和Facebook平台上直播
Canon camera user friendly 佳能相機用戶較易使用

Cons 缺點
Not free after 14 days trial 試用14天後需付費
Only for Mac user 僅適用於Mac用戶

Hope the above helps. We will keep an eye on the news and announcement and give you the latest suggestion and tips for your wedding preparation. Watch this space and contact us anytime you need advice. 希望以上內容對您有所幫助。 我們將密切關注新聞和公告,並為您提供最新建議來準備婚禮。 留意這裡,隨時與我們聯繫