Paris and Prague. Two of the most fabulous destinations for pre-wedding, wedding and honeymoon shoot. Last year, we went to these two cities 7 times within 3 months, to provide our service for our Overseas couples, including photography, videography, hair styling and makeup.

Especially cherish our time with couples from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. We based in London, UK. Thats why we are able to reach many other Europe cities easily for providing our service. Except Prague and Paris, we have been to so many other European cities as well. Some of the cities we have been to are full of history, greenery, resplendent with its natural beauties, and architecture. these serve as an incredible backdrop for our couples’ photos and video clips.

Would you like to go with us for an adventure in Cappadocia, Pamukkale in Turkey, Barcelona and Seville in Spain, Tuscany, Florence, Milan, Palermo, Venice, Rome in Italy and Sicily, Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Santorini, Budapest, Bruges cities in Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Belgium European counties? Contact us today.

Paris Prewedding Photography and Bridal Hair Makeup Service

巴黎和布拉格-兩個最美,有情調的婚紗、婚禮和蜜月拍攝目的地。 去年,我們在3個月內去了7次這兩個城市,為我們的海外新人提供我們的服務,包括攝影、錄像、髮型設計和化妝。 尤其珍惜與來自香港、新加坡和馬來西亞的新人在一起的時光。

Paris Prewedding Photography and Bridal Hair Makeup Service

我們位於英國倫敦。 這就是為什麼我們能夠輕鬆到達許多其他歐洲城市以提供我們的服務。 除了布拉格和巴黎,我們還去過很多其他歐洲城市。 我們去過的一些城市充滿了歷史、綠色植物、燦爛的自然美景和建築。 這些為我們情侶的照片和錄像剪輯提供了令人難以忘懷的背景。