How to Plan the Perfect Pre-Wedding Getaway

When you’re seeing to all of the details in planning your wedding from dress, wedding bands to who’s going to sit where situation, it can be quite the stressful situation. One of the hottest trends for today’s brides and grooms is to schedule a pre-nuptial honeymoon just to get away. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just a romantic weekend in a familiar or exotic locale. It can be just the thing that can help to remind you both about what you’re doing it all for.


Here are some ideas on where the two of you can go to be alone and just relax before you set out on that life-changing trip down the aisle.


  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – You both probably remember where you went on your first date. How about making your pre-wedding getaway all about reliving those special moments together? You can take in a double feature at the local cinema followed up by a burger at your favorite diner. If you were high school sweethearts, why not take in a high school football or basketball game and relive that special time?
  • Look to Nature – Being out in nature is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. It can be as simple as a walk in the park or a bike or horseback ride on a local trail. The quiet and the fresh air can be grounding and inspiring at a time when you need it the most. If you’re up for it, consider an overnight primitive camping trip. Pack your backpack, get in the car and drive or take the train. Roughing it can be a great way to spend time reconnecting before your big day.
  • Go for adventure! – What is the most daring or outlandish kind of adventure that the two of you can have? It might be something like going for a superfast trip on a zip line or taking a bungee jump off a bridge! The sky is quite literally the limit and a shared adventure can re-establish your bond and give you lasting memories.
  • Why not travel to a dream locale? – If you’ve dreamed of seeing the City of Lights, why not take a Paris excursion? Maybe living it up in Las Vegas for the weekend could be just the thing you need. You can check websites like Expedia for destination deals. You might even consider renting out a house or condo for the weekend through Airbnb . There are locations all around the world that are both exotic and reasonably priced that can be just what the two of you need to reconnect!
  • Take a pre-wedding cruise! – Many cruise lines today not only offer honeymoon cruises for newlyweds, but also offer pre-wedding cruises. Carnival, Norwegian and Disney cruises all offer packages that are affordable and an excellent way to relax. What can be better than soaking up the sun and sipping a cool drink on the deck of a cruise ship? You can dance, play deck games such as mini golf and enjoy world-class dining and entertainment.




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