The Experience

‘Every love journey is different. We are dedicated to create
memorable & bespoke experiences with our clients.’


STEP 1: Booking
Booking our services is simple.
Fill in the contact form and we will contact you within 48 hours by email.
And we will book an initial phone or Skype consultation to find out more about you and your love ones.
We will create a plan with a mood board for you to review.
If you are happy, secure your booking by deposit and let us prepare the rest. You only need to prepare your mood.

STEP 2: Before the shoot
If you required us to prepare clothing and accessories, you will need to come to our studio or assigned bridal / clothing shop 2 days before the shoot for trying on clothes. Please be aware that the clothing could be slightly unfit if you cannot try them on before the shoot day.

If you are coming to our hometowns for the shoot (London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Jakarta), let us treat you to a spa experience, massage, skin care or other treatments the day before the shoot.

STEP 3: Big Day!
On your shoot day, hair and makeup will be provided.
Not less than 366 photos would be taken.
After the shoot, wait around 6-8 weeks for the reveal session.

STEP 4: Reveal & Celebration
On the reveal day, a highlight video will be presented.
You will get a journal book as a gift. Signature edits will be presented in printed form also for your preview.
You can make a decision to purchase them or not. At the same time, you can order other album books and enlargements.