Destination Wedding Photography

Planning all the details of a destination wedding is complicated enough. In addition to hotel arrangements, working with vendors in another part of the world, spending time and money travel to visit venues, all seem overwhelming.

But there are so many benefits of having a destination wedding, which include getting stunning photos! Below are some tips on getting great photos at your destination wedding.

Ayia Thekla Beach Venue, Cyprus

Find the Right Photographer

Finding a photographer for a destination wedding can be tough. Do you go with someone from your country, but might have to fly the crew out? Or do you find someone local and spend energy to communicate mostly by email, and might not even meet before your wedding?

Perhaps you would compare prices got from all the vendors, but we recommend you to find a photographer who you are comfortable to work with. It would end up more rewarding.

Know What you Want to Highlight

Make sure you love the photographer’s style and it is easy to communicate with that person. Let him or her know your wishes, so that he or she can capture the event in the way you expect.

Try to make your wedding decoration simple. Normally 3-5 colours would be enough. It will look busy and messy if there are many details. Also, let the location showed on the photos. Showcase the culture, heritage and nature of the location you choose.

Don’t forget to tell your photographer the rundown of the day!

Ayia Thekla Beach Venue, Cyprus


These are just a few tips for getting the best photos of your destination wedding. Do you have any questions for our photographers? Ask in the comments!

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